QGIS and InaSAFE Training in Padang State University, Padang

The participants of QGIS – InaSAFE training in UNP

QGIS – InaSAFE training in Padang State University (UNP) was the second training of the university road show organized by Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). The participants who participated this training totaled 5 students from Non Education Geography and Education Geography Mayor. To follow the second training, they must first be given OpenStreetMap task of our team. This activity aims to form a community based on mapping of the area in knowing more about OpenStreetMap, QGIS and InaSAFE so it can help BPBD in the local area, later on they will act as a data collector, a junior analyst, and a junior trainer.

QGIS – InaSAFE training held for two days from 21 – 22 August 2014 in High School of Pembangunan Laboratory, UNP. The training materials taught in this training about Contingency Plan, Geographic Information System (GIS), QGIS and InaSAFE. Here are the details of training material:

  1. Introduction of Contingency Plan and InaSAFE
  2. Introduction of GIS
  3. Data Attribute Table and Form
  4. Overview and Basic Tools in QGIS
  5. QGIS Plugin
  6. InaSAFE Practical
  7. Vector Data
  8. Projection System and Transformation
  9. Simbology
  10. Labelling and Classification
  11. Raster Data
  12. Vector Analysis

In addition, the participants also practiced material being taught so they can better understand the processes in each material. On the first day before training materials deliver, they were given a pre test to measure the participant’s ability about QGIS InaSAFE material before training. Furthermore the participants were given an explanation about the workflow of this training, than continued with the material about introduction of QGIS and InaSAFE and Geographic Information System (GIS) to develop Contingency Plan. The next session, they practice using QGIS such as projection system, basic tools in QGIS, vector and raster data, simbology, labeling, and classification of vector data and InaSAFE to estimate the needs and the number of disaster victim.

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The second day of training, the participants learn about simbology of raster data, followed with vector analysis such as geoprocessing and spatial query in QGIS. Then they do a layout map from the data they already use the mp composer though. The material of map composer used competition for the participants so they have to make a pretty map in accordance with the rules of cartography. Once all materials are completed, they will do a post test to see their abilities after training, whether their ability to experience growth or not. And for the winner of map layout competition is Arsyad Candra. Overall for this training went well because the most of participants have learned about GIS, in addition, the participants can attend the training event is well and they have a great enthusiasm.

Peta Lokasi Wisata Kec. Depok, Kab. Sleman
Tourism Map, Depok, Sleman – Arsyad Candra
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