InaSAFE 3.2.5 is released!

This is another bug fix release which fixes issues with the wizard and pdf generator and provides a number of other small enhancements:

  • Adds data source and CRS to the keywords list in dock
  • Wizard: ged rid of eval() statements #2329
  • Use Date Picker in Keywords Wizard #2499
  • Fix Keywords Wizard crashes on repeated use #2514
  • Fix Crash Minidump when try to use InaSAFE keyword editor twice #2467
  • Fix #2515 BUG : Can Not Use the Wizard (because No module named qgsdatetimeedit)
  • Fix serializing classified raster values
  • Fix #2504 – exception raised when messaging cell contains nested table or bullet list due to slashes param not being accepted by table class to_html() method.
  • Fix Python error in PDF generator and Open in Composer using IFCW #2532
  • Fix Python bug when creating a pdf map #2523


Windows users can directly download and install using this installer. Users on other platforms and windows users who prefer to use the plugin manager can install the updated plugin using the QGIS plugin manager.