Full transcript on InaSAFE Presentation to President SBY

Full text from briefing on InaSAFE given to President Yodhoyono at the 5th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Management (AMCDRR) in Yogyakarta on 24 October 2012

Dr Trevor Dhu – Risk and Vulnerability Manager, AIFDR

“InaSAFE has been developed by BNPB, Australia’s Aid Program and the World Bank.

(In this scenario) it is designed to determine the impact of a flood in Jakarta on essential buildings. The essential buildings and the floods were mapped by Jakarta’s communities themselves, by the heads of every Jakarta village, who mapped what areas get flooded and which buildings are important.

As you can see on the left, (in this scenario) almost 3000 buildings will be flooded.

That ranges from apartments, government buildings, hospitals and schools.

What is interesting here is that you have a tool that gives you not just the science – in this case a flood – but also a tool that gives you a great deal of detail about individual structures (for example, what kind of building is it, how many people are likely inside).

So you can see here, if you zoom in, we’ve actually mapped individual buildings across Jakarta, and Jakarta’s own community have mapped these (buildings).

This allows your communities to identify their own risks and start to manage those (risks).”

Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – President of Indonesia

“(InaSAFE) is very beneficial for all of us.

This type of disaster (floods), Jakarta is still vulnerable, you know well.

Infrastructure needs to be improved.

It’s a good example of our partnership”.

Source: aifdr.org/index.php/full-transcript-on-inasafe-presentation-to-president-sby

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