• Visual language guide

    This style guide provides the most recent direction for our most important visual elements. Effective 1 March 2015, all new digital, print and other communications should reflect these guidelines.

    Download the document
  • Logos

    You can download InaSAFE vector logo, simple logo sign, logo with URL, full colors, monochrome and inverted logo from this folder.

    Get the logos
  • Iconography

    InaSAFE is using the 500 icons set of United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian affairs (OCHA) :

    See more
  • Standard iconography

  • T-shirt

    3 color variations of InaSAFE T-shirt design are available, the additional font used for this design is Boris Black Bloxx, free font

    Get the designs
  • Corporate stationery

    You can download the mock-ups of the letterhead, flyers here.
    Don’t forget to check the style guide.
    Use the links below to get the english versions of InaSAFE flyers in PDF:
    the front page
    the back page
    onepage version

  • Presentation elements

    You can use these presentation elements in your presentations

  • Web elements

    InaSAFE blog is using the WordPress theme Shoestrap 3 and it’s child theme Shoestart Child.
    The theme is using Bootstrap components and jQuery.

    Ubuntu Google Font, you can get the font here.

    Bootstrap grid, see the examples here.

    Elusive icons are included in the Shoestrap 3 theme . You can use the icon as an inline or block element, by giving it a class:

    class="el-icon-{icon name}"

    See the available icons list here.


    There are two sizes of buttons, normal and big.
    Big buttons can include icons.
    Buttons can have 3 backgrounds, orange, green and blue:


    Heading level 1

    Heading level 2

    Heading level 3

    Heading level 4