InaSAFE 4.3 is released!

Version 4.3:

  • New multi exposure tool where you can run one hazard on many exposures at the same time and get a combined report
  • New dam break hazard
  • Add metadata converter tool to version 3.5 to make it work with GeoSAFE
  • Add InaSAFE Profile to set custom affected and displacement rate
  • Add a warning if another plugin is conflicting with InaSAFE on the file system
  • Special tool for reporting in the multi exposure dialog to set a custom layer order
  • Add InaSAFE welcome message
  • Add a warning if another plugin is conflicting with InaSAFE on the file system
  • Tidy up settings dialog
  • Support population count in place exposure
  • Use percentage for ratio in the GUI
  • Add total exposed field
  • Add Evacuation centres in buildings and places classifications
  • Add bearing, distance and cardinality postprocessors if we run an earthquake on places
  • The impact layer from an earthquake on places is ordered by distance
  • Add new QGIS expressions to fetch information in QGIS Impact layers or keywords
  • HTML expressions for reporting usage.
  • Impact Function and Multi-Exposure Impact Function serialization
  • Add new method to generate a report in ImpactFunction object
  • Bring back the old behaviour of generating report. (option to choose custom template)
  • Map report and general report for Multi-Exposure Impact Function.
  • Use aggregation CRS instead of exposure CRS or map canvas CRS if no aggregation layer is provided
  • Add extra keywords for supporting rich reporting (e.g. earthquake’s epicenter location, volcanic ash location)
  • Tidy up metadata (remove unused properties)
  • Creating contour for earthquake as preprocessor.
  • Improve code layout (Flake8, PEP 257, PEP8, SideCI …)
  • Fix various bugs, like in summary calculation, keyword wizard, productivity post processors, dock

For a detailed overview of these new features please see:
You can find the new release in the QGIS plugin repository or download source and installer bundles from here: