InaSAFE 4.2 is released!

Here are the key changes for this release:

  • Reporting : Expose provenance; as project variables for easy reporting
  • Reporting : Re-implemented infographics as composer templates
  • Reporting : Enable atlas generation on reporting
  • Reporting : Added many custom InaSAFE specific QGIS Expressions to make reporting easier.
  • Reporting : Fixed bug where maps in report were blank when using OTFP
  • Impact Functions : Support for Land Cover economic impact calculations
  • Impact Functions : Added support for working with multi-band rasters
  • Impact Functions : Removed separate workflow for Earthquake impact functions
  • Impact Functions : Allow exposure data driven classification
  • Tools : PR #4379 Show uniquness in the aggregation ID field in keyword wizard
  • Documentation : Wizards now have context sensitive help
  • Code Internals : Command line and ‘headless’ code moved to their own repos

For a detailed overview of these new features please see: